What JROB Enjoys

As you have learned on previous pages, Justin's first love is the game of football. As a member of the Whitehaven Rams little league football team, he played linebacker and kicker as number 45. His very last season he won one of the All-Star awards that was given out to a select few of great talents on the team. Once little league was done, he continued to play football for Germantown middle and high school Red Devils. In middle school, he wore number 27 and played running back and linebacker. In high school, he wore number 26 and played running back and slot reciever. He didn't play a lot until his senior season when he started to take football more serious. He finished that year with 1115 rushing yards and 13 total touchdowns, granting him the chance to play in the Memphis Liberty Bowl All-Star game. He also enjoys playing fantasy football and his favorite NFL team is the San Diego Chargers.


Along with football, he also enjoys soccer. He played soccer when he was in elementary school for a church, and also made the soccer team for Germantown his junior and senior year. He played soccer to get in good shape for football and also just for fun. He finished his soccer with a total of 3 goals and 2 assists.

Art has always played a big part in his life. He has been drawing way before he decided to play any sport. He would always recreate charaters from shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. He also has all kinds of miscellaneous drawings from all kinds of different resources. Once he hit high school, he started to draw more realistic pictures, mainly self-portraits of famous people. In the 10th grade, he won an All-Star award amongst the art department. As stated before, he also won most artistic his senior year.


Video games is another one of those things that was picked up before football. He was always good at video games, putting a lot of time and effort into beating them. He always just played games for fun until he was introduced to Call of Duty. He didn't play competively with major league gamers or anything like that, but him and a group of friends would beat up on whoever was brave enough to join their lobby. Playing videos is not just a hobby for him. He wants to take his artistic talents and his creative mind to either a mjor gaming company, or maybe have his own production company one day. Preferablly, he wants his own company.

He also enjoys a lot of other things. Singing is another main thing. He does it a lot for fun, but it has been recommended that he should try to take it seriously. He also enjoys music in genereal, all kinds of music. He wants to maybe learn how to play an instrument or produce music one day. He enjoys the television series The Walking Dead and particpates in the yearly Hunger Games festivities. He also wouldn't mind being able to get a chance to have an acting role in something like that one day.