About JROB

On February 28th, 1995, Justin Roberson was born into the lives of Ericka Covington and Jason Roberson. Justin was born in Southaven, MS, only to cross back over the stateline where he was raised, Memphis, TN. As a child, he was mainly raised by women as he stayed with his mother, her two sisters, and his grandparents in the neighborhood of Whitehaven. His parents were never married. At age 2, him and his mom moved to East Memphis where he would stay for the rest of his time in Memphis. At an early age, he spent his time recreating portraits of anime and cartoon characters and playing video games.

At the age of 10, his father decided that he needed to play football, so he did so by joining the Whitehaven Rams little league football team. The first day of practice was a horrible experience, but from that day on, he fell in love with the game.

Justin attended Germantown High School in Germantown, TN. All throughout high school, he battled between what he wanted to give his all to; football or art. He earned a number of accolades in the art department, thus leading him to win most artistic his senior year. Ultimately, the decision was made for him. He finally got a real chance to play his senior season, where he had an amazing year, leaving an imprint on the school by earing a spot on the football wall of fame.

That breakout season gave him the oppurtunity to accept a full-scholarship to Austin Peay State University. Here at APSU, Justin will continue to pursue both of his passions. Like any other athlete, he has hopes of taking his talents to the proffesional level, but also understands that if that doesn't work out, he will take his artistic abilities to the world of video game design.