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In my website I have five pages all featuring specific things about my life. This is my welcome page that has links to my social media, and ways to contact me. My five pages are Home, Experience, Involvement, About, and Resume. Each page consist of information about myself.

Work Experience

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Who I Am:

I went to East Robertson High school in Cross Plains, TN where I have lived my entire life. I am from a small town outside of Springfield, TN. The population is 1,800. I decided to come to Austin Peay State Universisty because I liked the campus size. I live on a small farm and we have seven pigs, twelve goats, and a lot of chickens. I now live in Clarksville with my two roomates off of Madison Street. My interest include playing golf, and learning new things about upcoming technology. I am very excited to graduate college and start a carrer in my field of choice.





I have played golf since I was seven years old. I also worked at a golf course for the past three summers.

Internet Technology:

I chose a microchip to represent my major. I am a communications major, with a focus in internet technology.