About Me


I've always played multiple sports, but I've also coached my little brother's baseball and basketball teams. I also have given pitching lessons and hitting lessons. I love teaching and volunteering. This past summer was the first that I haven't coached a baseball team. I think I actually enjoyed coaching just as much if not more than playing. That was a real shock to me. I was going to have the chance to be a head coach at a small high school but I didn't have the time while I was in school. Growing up in Kansas, I grew to love the Royals and Chiefs. I'm also a huge KU fan. I love talking to anyone about any team though. I stay up on everything that happens in the sports world. I used to volunteer at he Nashville Mission back in high school. Unfortunately, I'm not in the area enough to go very frequently anymore. I have also done some work with Reviving Baseball in Intercities (RBI). I love baseball and teaching and being around the game is very fulfilling. I was only able to work with them one time but I would love to do that some more. My family and I attend Long Hollow Baptist Church in Hendersonville. We are very involved in projects there and that is also something I really enjoy. I also love to write. I covered the Volunteer State basbeall team for a season a few years ago. I haven't done much writing at APSU, but that is something I would like to do in the future.